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[ Collimator ]


Designed for installation on rotating or stationary anode X-ray tube in combination with all kind of X-ray tube units.

  • Led light, cost effective & modular design with high brightness.
  • Light weight & compact design.
  • Manual collimation of X-ray field defined by 6 pairs of shutter.
  • Automatic switch off of the lamp light localizer in 30 seconds.
  • Easy adjustment of lamp and lamp filament position.
  • Contrast ratio on the right field edge is 4:1 or more.
  • Easy identification of light field and size
Maximum kVp 150kVp
Max field size 48x48cm at SID 100cm
Min field size 0.0cm at SID 100cm
Projection lamp White LED, 12V-12W
Lamp timer Push button, 30s Timer
Light projection More than 160LUX at SID 100cm
Inherent filtration 1.2mm AL equivalent
Field cover scale 13,15,18,20,23,25,28,30,36,40cm
SID indication scale 90,100,120 and 180cm
Leakage Radiation Not more than 30mR/h
Rotation of radiation 180 degree
Cone rail tracks Mounted
Electric requirement<>/th> 24VAC, 7A
Dimension 182Wx197Dx164H (mm)
Weight 6.3kg

[ Collimator ]


Installation on portable and mobile units with fixed anode x-ray tubes

  • Measuring tape installed
  • 100kVp
  • Max field size : 48x48cm at SID100cm
  • Projection lamp : 12V,50W or 24V-150W Halogen lamp
  • Push button, 30sec Timer