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Radiography System

[ Radiography System ]


  • Designed for use with Flat panel detector, Film and Computed Radiology.
  • Operation consoles of touch screen or soft-touch tact switch.
  • Wide standard mA selection of 100mA, 200mA, 400mA, 500mA, 630mA and 1000mA
  • KV selection of 40-125kV
  • Available with APR, AEC, Tomography, DAP functions.
  • Self-diagnosis and tube overload protection.
  • Wide range of counter-balanced tube supporters
  • Electro-magnetic lock of ± 180˚ tube rotating and stand column rotating.
  • LED light Collimator of manual operation is standard and Auto-collimator is available
  • Providing 4-way floating, 6-way elevating/floating and fixed table.
  • Erect stand of vertical standard moving 50-165cm, counter-balanced.
  • Available with 1-flat panel detector or 2-flat panel detectors with software , or CR