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Mobile X-ray

[ Mobile X-ray ]


  • High frequency inverter technology.
  • Motor driven by battery -rack insure min 4 hours interupped.
  • Easy to operate in small room, and emergency.
  • Built-in Touch screen PC work station-Digital system.
  • Main power by built-in capacitor bank makes radiography
  • exemptions without being plugged to AC outlet.
  • Duration in standby status : approx 16hours .
Model DM-525MR
Generator Power Rating 20kW 32kW 40kW
kV(Accuracy) 40-125(±5%+1kv) 40-125(±5%+1kV) 40-125(±5%+1kV)
mA Range 10~250 10~400 10~500
mA Accuracy ±5%+1mA ±5%+1mA ±5%+1mA
Time Range 1ms~10sec 1ms~10sec 1ms~10sec
mAs Range 0.1~400mAs 0.1~630mAs 0.1~630mAs
APR 216 216 216
Bucky 2 Buskies 2 Buskies 2 Buskies
Line power 220/240V, 50/60Hz,1Ph 220/240V, 50/60Hz,1Ph 220/240V, 50/60Hz,1Ph
X-ray Tube Rotating Anod Type 1.0x2.0mm or 0.6x1.2mm Dual focus
Expossable images 200 images/6 hours or more
Tube stand Lock Electromagnetic
Vertical movement 950-1,650mm
Transversal 600-770mm
Rotating movement ±180° at each 90°
Handle bar Angle indication ±180°
Collimator Manual driven 12V/12W. LED lamp
HT cable Federal ends 2.5mx2
Mobile cart Transportation Motor driving with storage box

[ Mobile X-ray ]


  • High frequency inverter technology, clean and good image.
  • 5kW Mobile X-ray unit
  • Compact, slim and foldable design for space utility.
  • 30 APR program on both OP panel and tube head help easy operation.
  • Built-in capacitor bank to use AC outlet.
Model DIG-1100,M
Generator 5kW, 50kHz high frequency inverter type micro-processor controller
kV range 10-110kV, 1.0kV increment
mA range 20-100mA, Variable
mAs range 0.1-100mAs, 38 selections
Consol&Display LCD display, technical value indication/ Anatomical , Density
APR 30 APR programs
X-ray tube Toshiba, Stationary anode type, 1.5mm focal spot size
Collimator Manual operation, Double slit
X-ray field size 35x35cm @ 65cm SID
Auto compensation Line voltage Comp. ±10%
Power Free voltage 100-264VAC, Single phase, 50/60Hz
Net weight 140kgs
Size(LxWxH) 541x800x1442mm
Option Wireless exposure switch, Detector, CR