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Fluoroscopy system

[ Fluoroscopy system ]

One Tube

  • Negative tilting 25º easy perform interventional examination.
  • Diagnostic table tilt smoothly from +90º~-25º.
  • FPD can be changed from 110cm to 150cm.
  • Flexible and smooth tabletop movement.
  • Large range of spot film device movement.
  • Auto film feeding and receiving system.

[ Fluoroscopy system ]

Two Tube

  • Motor-driven diagnostic table designs have 2-tubes.
  • Image intensifier: 6”, 9” or 12” and CCD camera.
  • Spot film device : one, two and four format exposure program.
  • Tilting movement: 90˚/25˚ standard and 90˚/20˚ (option).
  • Collimator: motor-driven or manual.
  • Tabletop is moving longitudinally and transversely (option).
  • Remote control operating console is buyer’s selection.