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  • High Frequency
    Tube voltage & current : 60kV, 2mA
    Exposure time : 0.05~1.35sec
    Target angle 20°

    DDX-1 is designed as a pure handheld portable X-ray. It has many different features for mobile, battery powered, handheld, cordless, digital, and camera types.

    It is lightweight, durable, stable, easy to use, saleable, and compatible to all radiation detectors, with clear, effective images. It is safe for handheld use.


Sensor APS CMOS sensor
External dimension(mm) 40x26
Sensor Active Area 30x22.5
Sensor thickness 6mm
Dynamic Range 0-4.096
Power 5V±0.5V
Image transfer USD2.0
Cable length ≥ 3m

Image Software

User friendly working interface that was designed and developed specifically for radiological diagnosis. It is common imaging platform for all our digital dental system.

  • View the image from the different angle.
  • Magnifier
  • Marking
  • Measuring distance
  • Color adjust
  • Bright/Contrast control
  • Desoft
  • Image process

[ Dental ]


  • Inverter type, Stationary Anod Tube

    Out[put rating 65kV, 6mA/3mA
    Exposure time 3.2sec
    Tube focus 0.8mm
    Input power AC220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase